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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


M2W Support


Thank you for contacting us through our blog. Please provide us with the email address of the account in question and our support team will contact you as soon as possible. Also, please provide an alternate email address where we can reach you. You can also reach our support team directly via support@mail2world.com.

Thank you,
M2W Support


Yolanda, you are not alone :-(

I have tried to setup my iPhone to access my mail2world account.

I'm able to "sort of" receive mails. It seems that the connection to the servers are just to slow, and times out. I have 2 other mail-accounts on the phone, but the whole mail-app just hangs when my mail2world-account is added.

When I remove the mail2world account everyting works as it should.

I have done the whole thing 15-20 times, and every time the mail2world account is added, the phone just acts weird. I even tried having *only* the mail2world account setup, with the same (sad) result :-(


polish faruri,
Thank you for the support. Please continue coming back for updates.

polish faruri

for me this service is working properly

M2W Support

Thank you for contacting us through our blog. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also reach our support team directly via support@mail2world.com.


I have submitted a request for help to the support email address for the past 3 days. My phone is no longer receiving any email. No one has responded.

This is what I put in the submitted request in early November:

For the last week or so the email from my yolanda@mail2allen.com account is not updating to my phone correctly. Either only very old (as in from 2009 through 2010) email is presented (even when I refresh) or periodically, email from October 2012 thru November 1 2012 is displayed. I have refreshed countless times. I have deleted and reconfigured the email setup on my phone to this account three times in hopes this will help. It did not. Conversely, the mail from my gmail account onto this same phone has no issues at all. It updates successfully and current email is shown. Please help, as the mail2world is my primary email. I have a samsung galaxy s2. android version 2.3.6..

This is what I submitted earlier this week:
I am constantly having issues with receiving my email to my phone. It will work for a few days and then, suddenly, it will stop. Either it won't update, won't have current email or, as of today, it says that my user name or password is not correct. Please assist. My phone is a samsung galaxy s2.

Can SOMEONE please help me? Thank you.

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